Owen Kaser

Owen Kaser's head, circa 1997

Room 303
Department of Computer Science and Applied Statistics
UNB Saint John
Saint John, NB E2L 4L5
(506) 647-2701
(506) 648-5970 (department office)


I maintain two copies of my Web pages: one on the official UNB website and (since the official webserver has been known to go down at critical moments), a backup set.

Please note that my pages use SSI. The combined policy decisions to ban SSI on the UNB server and to transfer all UNBSJ faculty web pages to the UNB server means that my older course pages are broken, when served from the UNB server. I have found a workaround so that my current web pages can be served from either machine. However, please access older course pages from the backup set.

E-mail me at owen@unbsj.ca

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