Past and Present Grad Students

  1. Frank Alexander, MSc(CS), 1995. Thesis: "An Object-Oriented Implementation of Functional Languages". Last known affiliation: IBM Canada.
  2. Asad Hanif, MSc(CS) October 1996. Thesis: "Suitability of RISC Multiprocessors for Functional Language Systems". Last known affiliation: Alcatel, Ottawa.
  3. Atul Sharma, MCS, 1998. Thesis: "Scheduling and Granularity Decisions in Parallel Functional Programs". Last known affiliation: Insight Computech Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Chengyan (Chuck) Zhao, MCS, 1998. Thesis: "A Multi-Technique C Inliner". Last known affiliation: PhD student, U. of Toronto (started 2003).
  5. Richard X. Liu, MCS, 2002. Last known affiliation: CGI, Halifax, NS. Thesis: "Simplifying Parallel Datacube Computation"
  6. Steven Keith, MCS 2006. Cosupervised with Daniel Lemire Steven's last known affiliation: Innovatia, Saint John, NB. Thesis "Efficient Storage Methods for a Literary Data Warehouse"
  7. Hazel Webb, PhD 2010. Thesis "Properties and Applications of Diamond Cubes". Cosupervised with Daniel Lemire. Hazel has been a faculty member at UNB (Saint John and Fredericton).
  8. Eduardo Gutarra, MCS 2012. Thesis "Multi-column Bitmap Indexing"Cosupervised with Daniel Lemire
  9. I was one of the (lesser) supervisors of Ikhtear Sharif, MCS 2013. Ikhtear joined IBM Canada in Fredericton. Most of Ikhtear's supervision was by Hazel Webb and Daniel Lemire.
  10. Brandon Smith, ongoing MCS student, started September 2014. Brandon twice represented Atlantic Canada at the Northeastern North America ACM programing contest. Brandon is cosupervised with Daniel Lemire

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