Resources for Grad Students

  1. Todd Veldhuizen's talk (Literature Search in Computer Science) does a better job of covering many things also covered in my talk (Finding and Organizing Research) at UNBSJ.

    This is a clear, if painful, lesson in why you should do a literature search before writing something: I would have had much less thinking to do, had I read Todd's slides before making mine.

  2. Okay, so you don't want to use BibTeX but you could use bibliography records in another format? Maybe there is some hope for you. (But maybe not, if you are a LaTeX/BibTeX hater.)
  3. ACM classification for CS

Resources for PhD Students and Beginning Faculty

The more of these one reads, the better. I wish I'd seen the whole collection as a student/beginning faculty.

  1. Collection from Carnegie Mellon
  2. Funny paper on career boo-boos (systems bias)
  3. R. Hamming's famous talk

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