Academic and Professional History of Owen Kaser

I joined The University of New Brunswick (Saint John campus) as a faculty member in 1993, after completing a Ph.D. in CS at SUNY-Stony Brook. My dissertation title was Computational Aspects of Inlining (Gzipped Postscript version lacking Figs 4.9-4.11,8.1,9.1) and my advisors were Shaunak Pawagi and I. V. Ramakrishnan.

Prior to that, I worked for Telcor Systems Corp. in Natick, Mass., as a hardware engineer, when Telcor was producing modems and data compression/encryption units. I believe that Telcor folded at the end of 1996. (See June 1988 and June 1989 issues of Byte magazine for reviews of Telcor equipment.)

I also hold a MS in CS from Stony Brook (1987), and a BCS (specialized in hardware systems) (1986) from Acadia University in Nova Scotia.

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