Publications Perhaps by Owen Kaser

The cleanest (but not yet totally complete) list is from Google Scholar. It gets more complete if you look for "O. Kaser", but note that none of the papers on gynecology are mine!

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Some Technical Reports by Owen Kaser

My cv may list other reports that are available on paper only. As far as published papers go: they've been published by various publishers who allow differing amounts of author-redistribution rights. I don't want to spend a lot of time figuring out which papers I can safely put on the site. Since I've got a few paper offprints left of most of them, send me an email to get a paper copy.

Warning: Some of the older reports were recently regenerated from LaTeX sources. This may have messed up some of the formatting. As well, some of the figures have not been properly regenerated. If you find serious problems, please email me and I will either correct the electronic version or send you a paper copy of the original report.

  1. My 1993 PhD dissertation, Computational Aspects of Inlining (Gzipped Postscript version lacking Figs 4.9-4.11,8.1,9.1)
  2. "On Squashing Hierarchical Designs", UNBSJ MSCS Report 94-01, gzipped postscript Warning: This was regenerated from LaTeX sources, Sept 2002, and there were some complaints involving figures.
  3. Evaluating Inlining Techniques, TR 96-001
  4. Applying a VLSI CAD Heuristic to a Prolog Compiler Problem, TR 96-002
  5. Incremental Completion Detection for Tabled Logic Programming, TR 00-001. Not available electronically; C. R. Ramakrishnan has let me know that XSB's completion detection problem requires fundamentally different assumptions than those used to formulate the problem solved in the TR. I'll send a paper copy of this useless report to anyone who cares...
  6. S-machine Instructions and Compilation, TR 01-001
  7. Compressing MOLAP Arrays by Attibute-Value Reordering: An Experimental Analysis. UNBSJ ASCS Report 02-01, gzipped postscript
  8. DOLAP'03 presentation (PDF)
  9. Analyzing Large Collections of Electronic Text Using OLAP, TR-05-001 (PDF) by S. Keith, O. Kaser and D. Lemire.
  10. Tag Cloud Drawing (expanded PDF version of talk given at WWW'07 tagging workshop)
  11. DOLAP'08 presentation (PDF) and a version for UNBSJ CSAS research day(PDF)

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