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It should be useful to know what I and other instructors feel is cheating or plagiarism in a programming course. This remains a draft and may not represent the department's official position. (A PDF version of the file is also available.)

CS4983 (Technical Report II) Topics

The best topic is anything relevant that interests both you and your supervisor. Some students have ideas in mind and then search for a supervisor interested in the topic. This is perhaps the best situation. However, many students need help finding a topic, so I have a few ideas from which you may choose CS4983 topics that I would be willing to supervise. (Here is the PDF version.) (Also, note that some of the topics have already been taken; the list is not revised often.)

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During July 2003, I taught part of part of a graduate course on OLAP, and the overall course, of which OLAP forms the last third, is CS6905: (Advanced Technology for E-Business).

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At the beginning of Winter 2002, I taught CS 2803 (Digital Logic Design) until Dr. Light arrived.

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